Joining Forces: Grand Slam Media And TrafficPartner

Big news! – As of May 28th, 2017, Grand Slam Media and have signed a significant agreement, allowing the global companies to form a conglomerate of extensive proportions – benefitting not only customer relationships in a broad and potent fashion. 

Grand Slam Media has been in the advertising network business for ten years now and grown a sustainable business.” Luke Hazlewood (CEO and main shareholder of Grand Slam Media) explains. “, through its investment vehicle, is always interested in strategic investments and partnerships to create new synergies on a global scale and deliver benefits to our partners. Together we will focus on exciting projects. Naturally, we will only do so after our mandatory AdultGarten party.” Michael Reul (CEO points out, referencing the visit of Traffic Partner’s offices by Grand Slam Media’s CEO in the following week.


Indeed the fusion of the two heavyweights already has a strict focus. From business growth regarding AdRewards and Adnium, targeting the European market specifically, to monetization of “members area” traffic. Strengthening sales altogether, for example through optimization of media buys, is a main concern for Grand Slam Media, its individual products and

Both parties are positive that this cooperation will give GSM global reach. Combined with’s experience and reputation it allows for a profitable perspective in their partnership.

Of course, these are only a few topics and even more information will be shared gladly with the public soon, as Michael and Luke are making use of the attendance in Germany realizing a special project – kicking off the giant handshake in fashion.

In an exclusive and in-depth video interview, both parties will be answering and clarifying the most relevant questions that interested factions certainly have.

“Stay tuned for our exciting interview in the upcoming week,“ Reul adds. „An outstanding deal, deserves an outstanding reveal.“


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